NEPSAC Class A Team to Watch & Top 3 Class C Teams to Watch


# 3

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New Hampton

Head Coach: Mary Alice Cornog

Last Season: 13-3-2 (W-L-T), NEPSAC Class C Runner-Up

Key Players Leaving: Goalie Madison Adler

Key Players Returning: Junior forward Mckenzie Haberl (team leader in goals), Senior midfielder Caelin Flaherty, and Sophomore forward Taylor Healey.

Biggest Strength: Counter Attack. New Hampton had the best counter attack in the state last year, in big thanks to Haberl. Haberl is lightning quick with and without the ball, once she beats your last defender, you better hope you have a good goalie because your defenders aren't catching up.

Biggest Weakness: Losing Adler. New Hampton's defense was average last year, but Adler was able to hide that. Losing her could cause problems for them, and they could give up a lot more goals this year.

Prediction: NEPSAC Class C Quarterfinals

# 2


Head Coach: Kelsey Berry

Last Season: 13-4-1 (W-L-T), Quarterfinal OT loss to Tilton, 0-1.

Key Players Leaving: Forward Logan Kilfoyle and Midfielder Nicole Johnson

Key Players Returning: Senior defender Bridget Pope, Junior midfielder Morgan Sisson, Sophomore forward Macy Arsenault, Sophomore forward Andrea Reynolds.

Biggest Strength: Reynolds is returning. As a freshman, she established herself as one of the top forwards in the state. Her speed is what sets her apart from everyone else, being able to get in behind and receive through balls from her teammates.

Biggest Weakness: Losing Johnson. Johnson was the complete package. She was fast; she could dribble, defend, and score goals. Even though Sisson is a good midfielder, and will most likely take her spot, she is more offensive than defensive, and not having that midfield presence could hurt them defending.

Prediction: NEPSAC Class C Final Four

Dark Horse



Head Coach: Kathryn Austin

Last Season: 10-6-1 (W-L-T), missed the tournament.

Key Players Leaving: Forward Haley Parker and Forward Hannah Brochu

Key Players Returning: Sophomore forward PJ Shaw (team leader in goals), Senior midfielder Kiara Vazquez (team leader in assists), Senior goalie Rachel Simkevich (Prep School leader in saves), and Sophomore defender Sarah Hearns.

Biggest Strength: Their offensive leaders return. Shaw is only a sophomore and is probably their best player going into the season. She's quick, has excellent ball control, and can score goals. Having Vazquez back to feed Shaw will certainly help as well.

Biggest Weakness: Losing Parker. Although Parker wasn't a team leader statistically, she was the primary instrument for getting the ball up the field, not having her this year could hinder their ball movement going forward.

Prediction: NEPSAC Class C Quarterfinals.

# 1


Head Coach: Chapel Love

Last Season: 10-7-1 (W-L-T), Final Four OT loss, to New Hampton, 1-2.

Key Players Leaving: Midfielder Kaitlyn Hess, Forward Shannon Colbert, Goalie MaryClare Hanley

Key Players Returning: Senior defender Morgan Lebaron, Senior forward Tia Raspante (led prep schools in assists, goals, and points), Junior defender Zoey Nash-Boucher, and Junior forward Kaitlin Bardellini.

Key Incoming Freshman: Eveline Auger

Biggest Strength: Their attack. On top of leading the prep schools in every major offensive category, Raspante was 1 of 3 players to break the 50 point mark last season, and she was 1 of 2 players to score 20+ goals and have 10+ assists. To add more fuel to the fire, her partner in crime Bardellini is just as good as she is. Last season the duo combined for 18 assists and 35 goals. They also just won the Gold Medal for Lakes Region Field Hockey at the Granite State Games, where they both captained and combined for three goals and six assists, in four games.

Biggest Weakness: Midfield. Losing Hess could cause problems for Tilton. Hess was one of the best at finding that inch of space on free hits to get the ball to her forwards. Having that space vacated, and not anyone to fill it, could be a problem for Tilton moving forward.

Prediction: NEPSAC Class C Runner Up

Click here to read Tilton's Head Coach Chapel Love's preseason interview.

I am really excited for this season! We have a new coach at Tilton as well as some new recruits so we should have a successful season. Hoping that hard work and dedication will get us to the playoffs and to the championship.
— Tilton Forward Junior Kaitlin Bardellini


With no Class B programs in New Hampshire, we’re going to review the Class A program we feel has the best chance at winning the Class A title.

St. Paul's

Head Coach: Heather Crutchfield


Last Season: 13-3-0 (W-L-T), Quarterfinal loss, to Phillips Andover Academy, 2-3.

Key Players Leaving: Forward Finley Frechette and Forward Meg Fearey

Key Players Returning: Junior midfielder Josie Varney, Senior forward Gillis Frechette, Senior midfielder Charlotte Clark, Sophomore forward Eliza Farriss, Junior midfielder Phoebe Day and Junior defender Brett Stoddard.

Biggest Strength: Their team. St. Paul's is loaded from top to bottom. They have an incredible attack, solid defense, and one of, if not the best midfield in the state. The team will be headlined by the state's best player, Josie Varney, and if you haven't seen her play yet, you're missing out.

Biggest Weakness: Mental awareness going into games. Last year they were upset in the first round by Phillips Andover Academy who they'd beaten earlier in the season 4-0. Whether it was them thinking it was going to be a cake walk, they had the tournament jitters, or they just weren't prepared, it's something that they need to fix going into the season.

Prediction: NEPSAC Class A Champions

I am so excited for the upcoming season! We have an incredibly hardworking and athletic team, and with some great players coming in, I have high hopes for the year. On and off the hockey field our team is extremely close, and I believe this will help us find success on the turf. Last year was our first New England playoff appearance in quite a few years, and I think our biggest goal is to make it even farther in the playoffs and hopefully even bring a New England Championship title back to SPS. I’m beyond excited to get the season started!
— St. Paul's Midfielder Junior Josie Varney