Northeast Elite U19s finish 8th at NCCs

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Day 1

Entering the tournament Northeast Elite was ranked 40th in the country. Their first game of the day, they started off playing H2O. They started quickly as they scored twice in the first 10 minutes. Massachusetts residents' Shannon Daley connected a pass to Madelyn Moran; then Grace Sambrook fed Finn Caron for a 2-0 lead. Things looked as if they were going to run away with their first game, but with 18:34 left in the first half, H2O scored one, then another 2 minutes later to tie it up. With 14 minutes to go in the first half H2O scored one more to pull ahead 3-2. With 5:23 to go Sambrook found Finn Caron again, as they would take it into halftime tied at 3. Three minutes into the second half Finn Caron assisted Casey Thompson to take back the lead; then they never looked back, Sambrook would score an unassisted goal 7 minutes later. Then with 8 minutes to go Daley scored off a corner, with an assist from Josie Varney, 4 minutes later they would wrap up their scoring with Finn Caron completing a hat trick, and Daley getting her 2nd assist. H2O would score one more with 3 minutes to go in the game, but it wasn't enough as they finished it off with a 7-4 win. Goalie Rachel Simkevich made eight saves, NEE earned 13 corners, to H2O's 7, and put 26 shots on goal.

Their second game was a battle against the other undefeated team in their pool, New Heights. The game started off pretty even as no shots were taken until New Heights opened up the scoring with 10 minutes left in the first half. With 5:48 left Sambrook, once again, assisted a goal, to Sky Caron. But with 2:54 left in the half New Heights would take the lead, 2-1. 10 minutes into the second half NEE would tie it up, with a Moran goal, and assisted by Sambrook, giving her four assists in the tournament. With 3:23 left in the game New Heights would take the lead, and it all seemed to be over, until 13 seconds later, when Moran found Finn Caron to tie the game at 3. With no time left on the clock, NEE earned one last try to win the game with a corner. Daley put in a shot that Moran deflected into the back of the net, and NEE jumped and piled on top of Moran, celebrating their win, but with a delayed call the official called it off due to the ball never leaving the circle. With a disappointed NEE team and Coach Feole, the game finished 3-3, with each team earning a point. NEE finished the game with six corners and 11 shots on goal.

Day 2

NEE started off their final game of pool play playing against the #3 ranked club in the country, Freedom Hockey, needing a win, to win their pool. Five minutes into the game Finn Caron found Moran, as Moran did a beautiful reverse chip shot into the upper right corner of the net, to take the 1-0 lead. Nothing else happened until deep in the second half when Freedom won a corner, Simkevich made two back to back saves, but couldn't make the third as Freedom put in a goal with 8:21 to go, and that's how the game would end, in a 1-1 tie. Simkevich made six saves, and NEE finished with three corners, and ten shots on goal. They finished second in their pool and moved on to play Nook Hockey, who is ranked #6 in the country.

In their first bracket game, Nook Hockey proved why they are ranked #6 in the country. NEE was able to stay with them for the first 10 minutes, but Nook Hockey scored with 19:58 left in the half, then again 2 minutes later. Nook Hockey would go on to score three more times and take a 5-0 lead into the half. One minute into the second half Varney found Thompson, to get on the scoreboard, and what seemed to get a little life back into NEE, but 6 minutes later Nook Hockey killed that feeling as they scored their 6th, then one more 1 minute later. The game ended with a 7-1 loss for NEE. They finished the game with five shots on goal and seven corners.

Day 3

Northeast Elite started their day at 11 am, playing Saints Field Hockey Club. The game was deadlocked until 11:45 left in the first half when Sambrook assisted Sky Caron off a corner, Sambrook's fifth assist of the tournament. The game would go into the second half at 1-0 until 11:54 left in the match when Saints put away a goal to tie it. With time winding down Saints put one more away with 4:18 to go to give them the lead, and eventually take the win. NEE finished the game with five shots on goal and five corners.

For their final game of the tournament, they played South Jersey Edge. South Jersey scored the first goal with 11:41 to go in the first half, then one more with 16:48 to go, to finish off the game 2-0. NEE finished the game with four corners and five shots on goal, Simkevich finished with eight saves.



Northeast Elite was made up of 19 athletes from around New England. The New Hampshire players that made up the team were Windham residents Madison DiPietro and Casey Thompson, Hampton residents Sky & Finn Caron and Jensen Palmer, Proctor Academy goalie Rachel Simkevich, St. Paul's star Josie Varney, and Derryfield star Lindsey Stagg. The other players that made the team were Shannon Daley, Grace Sambrook, Isabelle Danahy, Madelyn Moran, Siobhan Morrissey, Helen Sayegh, Amber Rose, Emma Ewas, Ashley & Brianna Barrett, and goalie Rose Cuozzo.

Finn Caron led the team with four goals, Madelyn Moran totaled three goals, Casey Thompson & Sky Caron each had 2, and Shannon Daley & Grace Sambrook each scored once. Sambrook led the team in assists with 5. Daley, Finn Caron, & Josie Varney, had two assists, and Moran had 1. Finn Caron also led the team in points with 10, Moran & Sambrook each had 7, Daley, Thompson, and Sky Caron had four each, and Varney rounded it out with 2. Rachel Simkevich finished with 24 saves.

NEE finished with an overall record of 1-3-2 (W-L-T), they out cornered their opponents 38-32, but were out shot 70-62, and outscored 17-13. They finished 8th out of the 16 invited teams from around the country.

Although a rough weekend and not taking home the title, Finn Caron put on an excellent offensive performance, and Madelyn Moran & her partner in crime Shannon Daley played incredible all tournament long, Sky Caron had her moments as well, but Player of the Tournament goes to Josie Varney. Varney finished with only two assists & two points, but she shined when no one else could, she was a great leader all tournament, never quitting even when her team was down, always going 110%. She's an incredible dribbler, and she goes 110% on offense and defense sprinting full field both ways, never stopping. She has a feisty attitude which can get her in trouble with the pink people, but we love her for it. And no matter what the score is, whether they're tied, up by five or down by five you'd think there were 30 seconds left in the championship game, and Varney is defending for her life to take home the title.

Northeast Elite U19 National Club Championships.  Photo cred Northeast Elite.

Northeast Elite U19 National Club Championships. Photo cred Northeast Elite.