Top 5 Midfielders to Watch

# 5

Bri petruccelli.jpg

Bri Petruccelli

Year of Graduation: 2018

High School: Exeter

Club:  Northeast Elite

College Commitment: None

2016 Team Performance: 6-9-1 (W-L-T), quarterfinal loss to Manchester Central, 0-3.

2016 Stats: 16 games played / 3 assists / 5 goals / 13 points

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter / NHFHCA 2nd Team All State

2017 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Shooting Star Easter participant

Biggest Strength: Dribbling. Petruccelli has incredible ball control and the ability glide through defenses. Being able to do this, she can quickly move the ball up the field, and get the ball to her teammates for scoring opportunities.

Biggest Weakness:  Defense. Petruccelli's defense is her weak point. She is not bad, but she will need to polish it up if she wants a chance at a state title, especially with her team losing two huge defensive pieces, with those two players gone Petruccelli may have to play a lot more defense than she wants to.

This being my first year on varsity, I have only known Bri for about one week.

Whenever I hear Bri’s name, I always think about how determined she is and how hard working she is. For the one week, I have known her; I already look up to her. Before preseason started Bri had pulled a muscle, but it has not stopped her. She just wants to keep playing and playing! Bri is a big leader on the field. She has a very good skill level but the biggest thing that will help our team have a successful season is how Bri never stops talking on the field. With her communicating it will push others to start talking. The number one thing a team has to do to win a game is communicate, and with Bri, on the field, I have no doubt we will have great communication.
— Exeter teammate & midfielder Audrey Farrar

# 4

Victoria Rothwell

Year of Graduation: 2018

High School: Timberlane

Club: Seacoast United

Colleges Considering: Stonehill College and Saint Anselm College


2016 Team Performance: 12-5-1 (W-L-T), State Champions.

2016 Stats: 18 games played / 4 assists / 2 goals / 8 points

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter / State Champion / NHFHCA 1st Team All State

2017 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Shooting Star Easter participant

Biggest Strength: Defense. Rothwell's defensive ability will surely be important this year if Timberlane wants to repeat. She is a great tackler, and she has the pace to catch almost anyone. Her defensive work rate is high, so she will always get back to help her backline defend, and her midfield presence always makes it difficult for opposing teams to move the ball through the middle.

Biggest Weakness:  Scoring Ability. This is the only thing Rothwell is missing to become a complete player. If she could add this to her bag of tricks, not only would she become a better player, but Timberlane's offense would improve tremendously.

Consistent, driven, poised and determined Tori is our quarterback from her cmf position. She possesses an uncanny ability in controlling the transition on both sides of the ball.
— Timberlane Head Coach Mim Ryan

# 3

Jill Lachapelle

Year of Graduation: 2018

High School: Gilford

Club:  None

College Commitment: None


2016 Team Performance: 15-1-1 (W-L-T), State Champion

2016 Stats: 17 games played / 8 assists / 2 goals / 12 points

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter/ Captain / NHFHCA 1st Team All State / State Champion / NFHCA Scholar of Distinction Academic All-American / Granite State Games Gold Medal

2017 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Captain / Granite State Games Gold Medal / New England Premier Showcase participant

Biggest Strength:  Defense. Lachapelle could easily be a defender, but her ability to move the ball forward and win one on ones is why she plays in the middle. Lachapelle is a complete package as a player, but her defense outweighs her other skills. Her tackling ability is second to none, and her work rate to get back on defense is very high. She is also very good at corner defense, being the second one out and picking off the pass or backing up her flyer if they get beat.

Biggest Weakness: Simple mistakes off free hits. Lachapelle, not often, but every once in a while she will put a ball outbounds off a free hit, or she will put the ball right on the defender's stick. It is a rarity to see it happen, but it can cost her team possession if she does it.

She controls the entire field in every game and is one of the best defenders I have ever seen.
— Gilford teammate & forward Kellie Ryan

# 2

Lindsey Stagg

Year of Graduation: 2020

High School: Derryfield

Club:  Northeast Elite

College Commitment: None


2016 Team Performance: 15-2-0 (W-L-T), Runner-Up.

2016 Stats: 17 games played / 14 assists / 15 goals / 44 points

2016 Accolades: National Club Championships participant U16Futures' Championships participant U16 / MAX Field Hockey's All-New England Region / MAX FIeld Hockey's Top 20 Players of September / NFHCA All-Northern New England Region / NHFHCA 1st Team All-State / NHFHCA D2 Player of the Year / State leader for assists / Granite State Games Silver Medal / Nationa Indoor Tournament U16 / College Connection Under Armour Select Game selection

2017 Accolades: National Indoor Tournament participant U16 & U19 / National Club Championships participant U16 & U19 / Regional Club Championships 1st place U16 & U19 / Futures' Championships participant U16 / AAU Junior Olympics Champion

Biggest Strength:  Intelligence on set pieces. If there's one person you want taking your free hits, inside and outside the 25, and receiving your corners, it is Stagg. She will do things that no one can do because no one thinks to do it, and she will change it up every time, so she is never predictable.

Biggest Weakness: Doesn't have one.

So fortunate to have Lindsey to anchor Derryfield’s midfield for the upcoming high school season. Her passion, determination, work ethic and love for the game are complemented by an array of excellent skills which make her an impact player on any team. Lindsey’s summer of hockey at National Futures, National Club Championships (U16 and U19) and culminating in a gold medal at the Junior Olympics are tremendous accomplishments and I am confident that she will share those experiences with all the Derryfield players.
— Derryfield Head Coach Lenny McCaigue
Lindsey has to be one of the hardest working and most devoted teammates I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with. Not only is she an outstanding player as far as skills and hockey IQ are concerned, but she is a fantastic leader who you can always count on to give 110% and do whatever is needed for the success of the team. Lindsey is a vital part of the NEE program, and I know her skills and outstanding attitude are going to take her far in her hockey career.
— Northeast Elite Teammate Josie Varney

# 1


Josie Varney


Year of Graduation: 2019

High School: St. Paul's

Club:  Northeast Elite

College Commitment: Duke University


2016 Team Performance: 13-3-0 (W-L-T), quarterfinal loss to Phillips Andover Academy, 2-3.

2016 Stats: 16 games played / 9 assists / 5 goals / 19 points

2016 Accolades: National Club Championships participant U16Futures' Championships participant U16 / MAX Field Hockey's All-New England Region / NFHCA All-Northern New England Region / NFHCA 1st Team All-American

2017 Accolades: National Indoor Tournament participant U16 & U19 / National Club Championships participant U16 & U19 / Regional Club Championships 1st place U16 & U19 / Futures' Championships participant U16 / Futures' Elite Stars & Stripes game participant / U17 Junior National Camp participant / AAU Junior Olympics selection

Biggest Strength: Her dribbling. Varney is by far the best dribbler in the state. She is incredibly quick and agile with the ball; she can win all of her one on ones and 90% of her one on twos. Her intelligence while dribbling is also like no one else's. She will know how to dribble into you to get a call, if she is under the 25, she will dribble right into you to earn a corner, and if she does not do that, she will dribble into space and make a pass to her forwards so they can score. She is the most electrifying player in the state, to watch.

Biggest Weakness: Doesn't have one.

Josie is the kind of player that makes her teams better. She is positive, smart, poised, talented, hard working and always wants to get better!
— St. Paul's Head Coach Heather Crutchfield
Having Josie as a teammate is amazing. Her speed on the ball is incredible, and she is always one of the most skilled players on the field. She helps each of her teammates grow by challenging them with her stick skills in every rep of every practice.
— Northeast Elite Teammate Lindsey Stagg