Josie Varney named to USA Field Hockey's 2018 U-17 Women's National Team.

From December 26-29, Spooky Nook, PA hosted the STX Select event, in partnership with USA Field Hockey. Josie Varney, of St. Paul's, was one of 67 athletes, selected to attend the exclusive event from her performance at last summer's Junior National Camp.

At the conclusion of the STX Select event, Varney was one of 24 players chosen to join USA Field Hockey's U-17 Women's National Team.

Over the course of the first half of next year, Varney will be eligible to participate in two more training camps for her team, one in the winter and one in the spring. Plus the U-17 Women's National Team Tour, which is three games played over the course of a week, usually somewhere abroad, specifically Europe. Presuming USA Field Hockey follows a similar schedule to their history.

Big congratulations to Josie Varney for making the team, and representing New Hampshire at the highest level!

Congrats and good luck, Josie!