Top 5 Goalies to Watch

# 5

Khaliyah Ellis

Year of Graduation: 2020

High School: Pinkerton

Club: Northeast Elite

College Commitment: None


2016 Team Performance: 10-6-0 (W-L-T), Final Four loss to Winnacunnet, 0-2.

2016 Stats: 42 saves / 54 shots faced / 12 goals allowed

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter.

2017 Accolades: U16 National Indoor Tournament participant.

Biggest Strength: Her youth. Ellis split time at the beginning of the season but won the starting job about half way through the season. Making a name for herself as a freshman, she'll only continue to get better as she gets older.

Biggest Weakness: Ironically, her youth. Even though she's already one of the best in the state,  her inexperience under high-pressure situations could cost Pinkerton games. When teams are pinning Pinkerton in their own circle her ability to stay composed and focused isn't bad, but it isn't the best. It'll grow with experience, and as she gets older and continues to play her composure could develop into one of her biggest strengths.

Khaliyah is a great teammate but also a great friend. She has amazing skill and there is no doubt that she has the trust and confidence of the whole team. I love playing with her and can’t wait to watch her succeed this season!
— Pinkerton teammate & midfielder Mariana Shea
Khaliyah is a very talented athlete. She is one of the essential parts of our team and will be crucial in our success this season. She is an aggressive and dynamic player that continues to improve in her skills and confidence everyday.
— Pinkerton Head Coach Katie Van Nostrand

# 4

Jenna DeLucca

Year of Graduation: 2020

High School: Gilford

Club: None

College Commitment: None


2016 Team Performance: 15-1-1 (W-L-T), state champions.

2016 Stats: 17 games played / 42 saves / 15 wins / 1 loss / 1 tie / 6 goals allowed / 12 shutouts

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter / D3 State Champion.

2017 Accolades: Varsity Starter.

Biggest Strength: Just like Ellis, her youth. The only difference between them is DeLucca started every game last season, and never looked back. For how good she is, and how young she is, as long as she wants it, she'll only get better as she gets older.

Biggest Weakness: Over analyzing a game after it's over. If DeLucca loses, she tends to over think the loss, and it can get to her, if she learns to look at the loss, see what she did wrong, and move on from there, she'll be much better prepared for her next game.

Her never satisfied attitude influences others to keep working and improving.
— Gilford Head Coach David Rogacki

# 3


Rachel Simkevich

Year of Graduation: 2018

High School: Proctor Academy

Club:  Northeast Elite

College Commitment: University of New Hampshire


2016 Team Performance: 10-6-1 (W-L-T), missed the tournament.

2016 Stats: 17 games played / 245 saves / 10 wins / 6 losses / 1 tie / 5 shutouts

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Prep School leader in saves / College Connection Select Game participant / Shooting Stars Thanksgiving participant / National Futures Championships Alternate selection

2017 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Shooting Star Easter participant / National Indoor Tournament U19 participant / National Club Championships U19 participant / National Regional Club Championships 1st place U19 / National Futures Championships participant U19

Biggest Strength: Reflexes. Simkevich's reflexes allow her to make saves that no one else can make. For example, last season she was one on one and slid for the ball, she stopped the initial shot, the attacker got the rebound, while sitting on the ground Simkevich reached her non-stick hand around her back and hit the ball out of the circle, saving a goal.

Biggest Weakness:  Over committing to saves. The one drawback Simkevich has is sometimes she'll be overly aggressive. She'll almost always come out to challenge the ball, and if her opponents know she's going to do this, they can either pull the ball around her, or they can make a pass to the post, and the net will be wide open. If she can fine tune her aggression, she could easily be the best in the state.

Rachel has been a staple at Northeast Elite. She’s dedicated, determined, and plays with the type of grit it takes to be a top DI GK. No Doubt in my mind, especially in her high school season, that Rachel is a player who can carry a team on her shoulders and win games for her team. UNH is very lucky to have Rachel coming their way!
— Northeast Elite Head Coach Chelsey Feole

# 2


Kayleigh Vogel

Year of Graduation: 2018

High School: Portsmouth

Club: Seacoast United

Colleges Considering: Bentley University, Lasell College, Saint Michael's College, Salve Regina University


2016 Team Performance: 10-5-0 (W-L-T), quarterfinal OT loss to Lebanon, 0-1.

2016 Stats: 15 games played / 128 saves / 10 wins / 5 losses / 8 shutouts / 14 goals allowed

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter / NHFHCA 2nd Team All State

2017 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Granite State Games Silver Medal / New England Premier Showcase Participant

Biggest Strength: Her intelligence. Vogel is one of, if not the best in the state at breaking down plays as they're happening. She knows where and when to position herself, to give herself the best chance at making the save. She's also very vocal, as she breaks down the play, she's continually calling out to her teammates, to cover attackers making runs or trying to get into an open space, so attackers aren't left unmarked.

Biggest Weakness:  Her speed and footwork, moving side to side. If teams are good at crossing the ball into the circle or aiming far post, Vogel has a tough time getting there. Where the goalies that are at her level may make a kick save or splitting save, she'll have to dive for the ball.

As Kayleigh has grown more confident in her abilities as a field hockey player her leadership qualities have also grown. She leads by example, constantly pushing herself to be better which inspires those around her to become better. She supports her teammates and encourages them to believe in themselves so that the team can accomplish great things as a collective unit.
— Portsmouth Head Coach Sara Carpenter

# 1

Kylee Warren

Year of Graduation: 2018

High School:  Merrimack Valley

Club:  N/A

College Commitment: N/A


2016 Team Performance: 5-9-1 (W-L-T), first round loss to Kingswood, 0-3.

2016 Stats: 15 games played / 5 wins / 9 losses / 1 tie

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter / NHFHCA 1st Team All State

2017 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Granite State Games Gold Medal 

Biggest Strength: Everything. Warren has the perfect amount of aggression, she'll come out and attack you, but not so far to where you can pull the ball around her. She's quick and has great reflexes, making saves that most goalies couldn't make. She's loud and is a great communicator with her teammates. 

Biggest Weakness: Doesn't have one.