Top 5 Forwards to Watch

# 5

Andrea Reynolds

Year of Graduation: 2020

High School: Holderness

Club:  None

College Commitment: None


2016 Team Performance: 13-3-1 (W-L-T), quarterfinal OT loss to Tilton, 0-1.

2016 Stats: 17 games played

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Futures' Championships participant

2017 Accolades: Varsity Starter

Biggest Strength: Her speed. Reynolds knows how to abuse her pace, and get in behind the defense. She can win most of her one on ones, and if she gets behind the defense, she is almost impossible to catch.

Biggest Weakness:  Her finishing ability. For how young she is, she is a good finisher, but she still needs to fine tune it, and if she does she will be the most lethal player in the state on counter attacks.

Andrea impressed with her composure under pressure last season, leading offensive charges when we were down or in overtime. Despite being in her ninth grade year, she was the dominant voice on the offense. I look forward to seeing her mature this year and continue to hone her stick skills to match her speed.
— Holderness Head Coach Kelsey Berry

# 4

Kellie Ryan

Year of Graduation: 2018

High School: Gilford

Club: Seacoast United

College Commitment: None


2016 Team Performance: 15-1-1 (W-L-T), State Champions.

2016 Stats: 17 games played / 13 assists / 19 goals / 51 points

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Captain / State Champion / NHFHCA 1st Team All State / Concord Monitor Player of the Year / Concord Monitor Gilford Female Athlete of the Year / MAX Field Hockey's Top 20 Players of September / MAX Field Hockey's All-New England Region / NFHCA All-Northern New England Region / NFHCA Academic All-American / Granite State Games Gold Medal

2017 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Captain / Shooting Star Easter participant / New England Premier Showcase participant / Granite State Games Gold Medal

Biggest Strength: Her strength. Ryan's physicality and strength give her the ability to retain better ball control while in the circle. Where most players can lose ball control in a crowded circle due to the physical contact, Ryan will not, she can out body and out strengthen the defenders before putting the ball in the back of the net.

Biggest Weakness:  Her dribbling. Ryan is a solid dribbler, but the one thing she is missing from her arsenal is that finesse dribbling, where she can glide in and out of defenders. If she could add that to her game, she would be the best attacker in the state.

Kellie is a hard-working teammate who never fails to improve. She helps other players, on and off the field, to be the best they can be while working to strive for her best self. She offers her abilities at other field hockey programs during different seasons to work on her skills outside of Gilford field hockey, while still giving Gilford’s team her all. Kellie Ryan is a true teammate and player.
— Gilford teammate & forward Bri Salanitro

# 3

Kaitlin Bardellini

Year of Graduation: 2019

High School: Tilton

Club:  None

College Commitment: None


2016 Team Performance: 10-7-1 (W-L-T), Final Four OT loss to New Hampton, 1-2.

2016 Stats: 18 games played / 8 assists / 14 goals / 36 points

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter

2017 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Granite State Games Gold Medal

Biggest Strength: Passing. Bardellini is fast and can score goals, but she has the incredible vision to set up her teammates in the circle so they can get easy tap-ins. Plus she uses her vision on counter attacks to get the ball to her other forwards so they can be through on goal, and have chances to score.

Biggest Weakness: Doesn't have one.

Kaitlin Bardellini’s speed allows her to be a threat almost anywhere on the field, especially when carrying the ball up the field. Along with her low stature she is able to come out in a 1v1 with an opponent almost every time with the ball.
— Tilton teammate & forward Tia Raspante

# 2

habrel 2.png

Mckenzie Haberl

Year of Graduation: 2019

High School: New Hampton

Club: N/A

College Commitment: N/A



2016 Team Performance: 13-3-2 (W-L-T), NEPSAC Class C Runner-Up

2016 Stats: 18 games played / 2 assists / 15 goals / 32 points

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter / NEPSAC Tournament All-Star

2017 Accolades: Varsity Starter / College Connection Under Armour Select Game participant.

Biggest Strength: Her speed. Haberl is just like Reynolds, except her finishing is better. Once she gets in behind your defense, you better have a good goalie, because your defense is not catching her.

Biggest Weakness:  Just like Bardellini, she doesn't have one.

# 1

Tia Raspante

Year of Graduation: 2018

High School: Tilton

Club:  Lead The Way

College Commitment: Siena College


2016 Team Performance: 10-7-1 (W-L-T), Final Four OT loss to New Hampton, 1-2.

2016 Stats: 18 games played / 10 assists / 21 goals / 52 points

2016 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Captain / Granite State Games Gold Medal / New England Premier Showcase participant

2017 Accolades: Varsity Starter / Captain / Granite State Games Gold Medal

Biggest Strength: Her attacking presence. Last season Raspante was one of three players, along with Gilford's Kellie Ryan and Monadnock's Maddie Ellnor, to break the 50 point mark. She was also one of two players to have 10+ assists and 20+ goals.

Biggest Weakness:  Over dribbling. When Raspante does this, it can cost her goals. Instead of shooting the ball or making a simple pass, she will take an extra touch, and the goalie will come out and clear it, or a defender will be able to make a last second tackle.

She’s the backbone. She works hard on and off the field and she’s not only a teammate but she’s an important friend to me and the rest of the team. We are all very grateful to have Tia as a captain, forward, and a friend!
— Tilton teammate & defender Morgan LeBaron