Thank you for a great season!

Not a bad season to start a field hockey website. A controversial goal in a state championship, Londonderry and Mascoma had Cinderella stories, which unfortunately hit midnight. Newfound's perfect season, and freshmen leading the way in the three major offensive categories, Kate Blaisdell, for goals (26) and points (57), and Jasmine Peterson for assists (21).

With that being said we want to thank everyone that's been apart of our website in our first season.

We want to thank all of the coaches who participated throughout the season, especially the ones that helped us with the site before it was made public. We want to thank all the parents that helped with the site before and during the season. We also want to thank everyone that provided feedback for us throughout the season.

We knew entering the "media world," we are going to write articles that people like, and dislike, we are going to include topics that some people think shouldn't be brought up, and others think is a breath of fresh air. We are going to make mistakes that we will try to correct quickly, and sometimes even when we are right people will still think we are wrong and will want us to change what we said, but that is just a part of what we do, and we accept it for what it is.

Lastly, we want to thank the most important people, and the reason why we do this, the players. We want to thank all of you who followed the site this season and gave feedback to us as the season went along. Specifically, we want to thank Kaitlin Bardellini, Erin McCool, Lindsey Stagg, Livi Manchester, Audrey Farrar, Mari Shea, Nikki Tredwell, Tia Raspante, Josie Varney, Morgan LeBaron, and Bri Salanitro, for taking the time to help us with the site before it was even made public. If you are a fan of the website, make sure you take the time to thank these ladies for being part of its foundation.

Whether you play just to hang out with your friends, to stay fit for another sport, because it looks good on your college resume or because this is what you do, you are the reason we do what we do. No matter what anyone tells you, whether it be a coach, parent, referee, or some random person you meet, you the players are the reason why the New Hampshire field hockey community is a growing and positive sport. Thank you so much for everything you gave us this season!