Windham Head Coach Katie Blair's Preseason Interview

Coach Blair is coming off a State Championship winning season, which was Windham's fourth finals appearance in five seasons. Windham finishes off their preseason this week with D1 powerhouse Pinkerton on Wednesday, and D1 Manchester Central on Friday, before they kick off their season at home against Goffstown.


Simple question first, other than yourself, who do you think are the top 3 teams in your division?

"Division two is made up of many talented teams which make the playoffs so competitive and exciting. Four of the top teams in our division would be Derryfield, Souhegan, Kennett, and Lebanon. These teams always come ready to play and well coached."

What would it mean to you if you could win back to back titles?

"Windham would love to bring home another state title. We teach the girls to take it game by game, work hard and set goals for themselves and the team. The girls are trained to work hard on and during the off season which makes them prepared for a strong regular season."

You lost three key players to graduation, Bri Langolis, Emma Lindquist, and Rachel Estes. How big are those losses to your team, not only skill wise, but leadership wise as well?

"The leadership and field play that Estes, Lindquist, and Langlois brought to Windham during their four years will be missed. The team has learned a lot from them from their field play in the classroom work ethic and leadership."

You are also returning four key players, midfielder Taryn Livingstone, defender Devon Hamilton, forward Livi Manchester, and goalie Abby Harris. How important are they to your team?

"We are confident that Livingston, Manchester, Harris, and Hamilton are players that will be big contributions to our success this year. Windham as a whole is made up of talented players. It's exciting as a coach because all the players on the team are talented in their own ways, and each can play to their full potential."

You have the best freshmen class coming into the state this year, led by Maddie O'Hare, Kate Blaisdell, Katherine Wimmer, Cameron Livingstone, and Alexandra Perkins, will we see them play varsity this year or possibly start?

"We are excited for what the freshman class has to offer. We will see what tryouts and preseason hold, to determine where the freshman stand."

You also have arguably the best youth system in the state with your middle school program. Futures' participant Amy Lanouette is a very promising 8th grader. Why do you think you have such an incredible youth system?

"Marge Leahy does a fantastic job with the middle school program. She does a great job teaching the fundamentals of the game to make it an easy transition to high school play.  "

But having such a good youth system, you, in particular, have a down side to that. You almost consistently lose players to other schools. Casey Thompson and Maddie DiPietro to Central Catholic, and Lindsey Stagg to Derryfield are just a few over the past few years. What's it like knowing you have these great players in your middle school, only to lose them when they go to high school?

"Windham youth is made up of many talented players we wish them the best wherever they chose to attend high school. We focus on the players in which we have, and bring them to their full potential. "

Losing your three great seniors you'll have a considerably young team, is that something that concerns you or do you feel that you'll be able to overcome your youth? If you think you'll be able to overcome it, what makes you think that?

"No matter the class of the player when they step onto a field they are considered a varsity athlete, and are expected to play at a high level. I feel Windham has hard working and talented athletes, and I'm excited for what the season holds. "

"Wishing all the teams in division two a great year."