2017 New Hampshire Player of the Year.

*Stats are what we received throughout the season.

At the start of the season, we ranked Reynolds as one of the top five forwards going into the season, but with a new coach and a new season, Reynolds was taken out of her already proven forward position, as a freshman, and put into a midfield role for her sophomore year.

As quickly as she proved herself as a forward, she did just the same as a midfielder. Leading Holderness to claim their fifth NEPSAC Title, Reynolds led her team in goals, assists, and points.

She finished tied for second amongst the prep schools with 18 goals and tied for ninth in the state. Reynolds led the prep schools in assists with ten, the only player to break the double-digit assist mark, and finished tied for eighth in the state, also being one of only 11 players, in the state, to have double-digit assists. She led the prep schools in points, with 46, finishing tied for fifth in the state.

Reynolds was one of only three players, in the state, to have both double-digit assists (10) and goals (18). She was also one of just two players, in the state, to finish in the top ten for all three major offensive categories, goals (T-9th), assists (T-8th), and points (T-5th).

The one thing Reynolds did this year that no one else did, was switch positions and excel at her new job just as much as her old one. Reynolds was already a Top 5 Forward going into this season, but with a new coach, she switched to a midfielder, and at the end of the season she finished as a Top 5 Midfielder. There are only two other players in the state that could do what she did, Josie Varney moving from a midfielder to a forward, and Lindsey Stagg, moving from a midfielder to a defender.