Day 53 Recap: Josie Varney leads St. Paul's to a 5-1 victory.

On a day that made feel it like winter was here, St. Paul's took on some out of state competition, the Governor's Academy, of Massachusetts.

Governors also have some of New Hampshire's very own athletes on the team, the Caron twins, Sky and Finn, who are not only New Hampshire residents, but also teammates of St. Paul's Josie Varney, during club season, at Northeast Elite.

St. Paul's got on the board first, Phoebe Day inserted, on a corner, to Josie Varney, who scored at the 21:06 mark. Ten minutes later Governor's would earn a stroke, as New Hampshire's own, Sky Caron, buried it in the top right corner, tieing the game at one. With just over a minute to go in the first half, Ellie Neel assisted Eliza Farriss, to take it into halftime, 2-1.

In the second half St. Paul's came out firing, and scored five minutes into the half, as Day connected with Varney again, to make it 3-1. With 12:20 to go Charlotte Clark assisted Gillis Frechette, to take a commanding 4-1 lead. Five minutes later Amanda Sudnik assisted Ruthie Covo, to wrap up the scoring, 5-1.

The game did get very intense after St. Paul's scored the last goal. There were two green cards and two yellows given from the last goal until the end of the game, and the Governors' coach was not happy with why a couple of the cards were given.

Kimball Union takes Phillips Exeter to overtime but comes up short, as Phillips Exeter scores with two minutes left in OT, 1-0.

Allie Rylander scores for Proctor as they tie Brewster, 1-1.

  • Holderness loses, 2-3.