D1 Final Four: Timberlane beats Winnacunnet in OT; Londonderry shocks Pinkerton; Day 47 Recap; D3 Final Four Predictions.

Timberlane 3, Winnacunnet 2 (OT)

With a rematch of last year's state final, the game, except for overtime, was a carbon copy.

With just under 20 minutes to go, in the first half, Winnacunnet's Jenna Fiore gave them a 1-0 lead, scoring the only goal of the half.

Five minutes into the second half, Timberlane's Sarah Padellaro connected with Kylie Fitzpatrick, to tie the game at one. With 14:49 remaining Winnacunnet earned their first corner of the game, but they weren't able to convert. With ten minutes to play, Isobel Sargent assisted Brileigh Penniman, to take back the lead, and put Winnacunnet up 2-1. As the time continued to wind down, it looked like Winnacunnet was going to be in their fourth consecutive final, but Timberlane earned a corner with no time remaining. Timberlane ran their "fake" corner, which is hard to explain so we're not going to, as Kylie Fitzpatrick put a ball across goal, and Rachel Paradis, tapped it in, to send the game to overtime.

It took Timberlane 113 seconds to score, as Padellaro made a 50-yard run down the sideline, she cut inside, and when she got into the circle, it looked like Winnacunnet goalie, Nikki Tredwell, was going to make the save. Tredwell came out to challenge, as Padellaro lost control of the ball, but Tredwell completely miss judged the ball, and the net was left wide open, as the Winnacunnet defender, who was tracking Padellaro, almost stopped playing because Tredwell came out. Padellaro regained control and pushed it in, to send Timberlane to the State Championship.

The game was probably the absolute worse way to lose, Winnacunnet went up twice, but couldn't keep the lead. They got scored on with no time left on the clock and then lost almost immediately in OT.

Timberlane joins Windham, as they both earned a spot in the finals to try and repeat as state champions. Gilford will try and join them tomorrow, as they play their Final Four game.

Timberlane will take on Londonderry, Sunday afternoon.

Londonderry 1, Pinkerton 0

For the first time, we did not get any of our predictions right, but that is the fun thing about tournament time. If you can predict everything, that is going to happen, what's the fun in that? It would just be boring, and there would be no upsets.

However, we were 14 minutes away, from not having an official change the course of the game, in all four of the Final Four games, that have been played so far, but I guess that would've been to good to be true, but we will get to that.

Pinkerton came out strong and dominated the first five minutes, but Londonderry started to settle in and stayed with Pinkerton the entire game.  Londonderry had the best chance in the first half, but Pinkerton goalie, Khaliyah Ellis, made a huge back to back save, to keep Londonderry off the scoreboard. Ellis saved a one on one, then a Londonderry attacked, grabbed the rebound, but Ellis made a diving save with her stick and cleared it out of the circle. The game would go into halftime 0-0.

If you have read our recaps, you may remember, a quote that was said by Kearsarge goalie, Marissa Pickman, "Make sure you watch my back door (referring to her far post) because if you don't that opens up to my worst nightmare!", Moreover, that is precisely what happened, to Ellis. With just over two and a half minutes gone in the second half, Ellis made the initial save, but Vanessa Magoon, was wide open at the far post, as she got the rebound, and quickly put it away. Ellis tried to dive for it, but she could not get there in time.

Now into the call. With just over 14 minutes to play, Katelyn Bennett dribbled into the circle, beat one defender, faked the goalie, and pushed the ball with a reverse stick into the net, tying the game. However, the goal was called back because the official said it hit Bennett's foot, it did not. We were directly parallel with Bennett from the time she entered the circle, to when she scored, and there is no chance it hit her foot, absolutely zero. When the official made the call, Bennett jumped into the air, and put her hands up, as she could not believe the call, and neither could the Pinkerton bench. The call was completely wrong, and it may not have won Pinkerton the game, but it did stop them from tying it. Pinkerton did have more chances down the stretch as they controlled the game for the last five minutes, but they just couldn't score.

Even though the call was terrible, and cost Pinkerton a chance to tie it, you have to give Londonderry credit. We wrote them off, but they played Pinkerton perfectly and earned their spot in the finals. It was not a fluke win, but the real question is, can Londonderry play like that again, on Sunday against Timberlane, as Timberlane tries to hunt down back to back titles.

Maddy Hastings scored twice, as Kimball Union rolled to a 7-0 victory.

  • Holderness slips by Brewster, 3-2.
  • Phillips Exeter loses, 0-1.
  • St. Paul's game canceled.
  • Tilton game canceled.
  • Proctor game canceled.

Division 3 Final Four Predictions

  • Mascoma v. Monadnock - Prediction: Mascoma. Even though player for player Monadnock is better, the streak Mascoma has been on is undeniable. They have been on fire lately, and if they can continue to ride the momentum wave, they should win. The most significant thing for Mascoma, is they have to keep playing their game if they overthink this game, that could be their downfall.
  • Gilford v. Newfound - Prediction: Gilford. Even though Newfound has beaten Gilford twice already this season, it has happened before, where Gilford lost to Newfound twice in the regular season, then in the first round Gilford had to go to Newfound, and they upset them 3-1, so if you believe in "history repeats itself...". Gilford is also a much better turf team than they are a grass team. However, even if Newfound were to win it, it would not shock anybody, Gilford and Newfound are a level above anyone else this year in D3, and with respect to Monadnock and Mascoma, this Final Four game could decide who wins the State Championship.