Day 37 Recap: Windham & Derryfield end scoreless, 0-0.

When the #1 and #4 ranked D2 teams squared off yesterday, in a rematch of last year's final, it was nothing short of a competitive game.

As the game started, Windham had full control, outshooting Derryfield 6-0, in the first half.

In the second half, the game began to even out, as Derryfield would out corner Windham, 5-2, and outshoot them 4-3. Derryfield had one huge opportunity in the second half, but Windham goalie, Abby Harris, made a huge save, deflecting the ball, with her stick, high into the air, which was then cleared out by her defense. As time was winding down, our #3 ranked freshmen, Maddie O'Hare, took a free-hit right to the face, as the game had to be stopped. We think it hit her eye protection, as we could hear it hit her from the other side of the field, and she never went down, as soon as it happened she took off eye protection, and threw it to the ground. She ended up being okay, as she came back in during overtime.

In OT, Derryfield would take complete control. Derryfield out-cornered Windham, 8-0, but could only manage one shot on goal. Windham had no shots. Windham did have one opportunity, with just over 30 seconds to go. They had a free-hit inside the 25 after a foul was committed. Windham Head Coach Katie Blair took a timeout, to try and set up a play, but Derryfield's defense saw out the game, as they ended 0-0. Windham's Devon Hamilton, also made some huge stops in OT, stopping Derryfield, just before they got into the open field. The most significant factor the game probably ended up tied, was the players' stamina. There was so much open space, but no one could abuse it because everyone was just so tired.

Derryfield and Windham both locked up Top 4 placings for the tournament, Windham #2 & Derryfield #3, as they will both have byes in the first round. They will most likely see each other again, in the Final Four.

Londonderry escapes Bedford, 4-2.

Well, we thought we could have back to back games with good officials, but we were mistaken. To be fair, the second game was not both officials; it was just one. Also, it was not bad throughout the game, they were actually both pretty good, but it was two game-changing decisions made by one official, that could have turned the game around.

In the first half, Londonderry came out strong and dominated Bedford, having nine corners to Bedford's one. Even with all the corners, Londonderry could not score. They had a one on one breakaway, with 6:25 to play in the half, but Bedford goalie, Rachel Noble, made a huge stop, to keep it scoreless. However, three minutes later, Londonderry would finally score, thanks to Courtney Shay. 60 seconds later, Londonderry would score again, as Allie Marsh found Maeve McPhail, to take it to halftime 2-0.

Into the second half, we thought Londonderry was going to run away with it, but that was not the case. Bedford came out focused and composed, wanting to get back into it. Three minutes in, Bedford had a tremendous opportunity, as Londonderry goalie, Morgan Brutus, came out way too far, but Londonderry's defense made two back to back defensive saves, to keep Bedford off the scoreboard. At the 21:47 mark, Alivia Proulx scored for Londonderry, to make it 3-0. Then you think, okay game over, but again, that was not the case.

Now the first call. With 19:17 to play, Bedford scored a goal, but it was called back. Usually, it would be called back because a foul was committed on a Bedford player, but the foul was committed on a Londonderry player. The ball hit a Londonderry player's foot, Bedford continued to play, as they put the ball into the back of the net. However, the official said it does not count; it is a corner. It should have been a "Play On," you could see Bedford Head Coach Steve Connors, on the sideline, bend over and grab his knees, as he could not believe the call, and neither could we. With 9:03 to go, Bedford finally got on the scoreboard as Grace Rooney scored.

Now the second one. 60 seconds later, Bedford's Emily O'Keefe ripped a ball from outside of the circle, which went into the back of the net. We thought it hit Brutus, as it went in, it would not have been a goal, but it would have been a 25-yard long hit coming in. The official said no, it did not hit anyone, so it was 16-yard hit going out. The Bedford players and Coach Connors could not believe the call. Coach Connors tried to argue the call, but it did not change the official's mind. Londonderry took the free hit quick, and guess what they did... they went down and scored, making it 4-1. With just over five minutes to play, Bedford would score again, as Rooney connected with O'Keefe, to make it 4-2, but that is as close as Bedford would get, as the game ended the same.

We are not saying that Bedford would have or should have won the game because that is just false, but we believe the game definitely should have been tied at three. Granted who knows what happens if Bedford gets that second goal, Bedford could have scored two more, Londonderry could have scored six; you just don't know. However, what we do know, is those two calls drastically changed the game, and Bedford's chance for a comeback. 

During the game, the Bedford JV team was chanting "Biggest comeback ever!", Moreover, to be honest, you believed it in the second half, even when they were down 3-0. Bedford was dominant in the second half, out-cornering Londonderry, 6-0, and putting ten shots on goal. You have to give credit to all the Bedford players, no matter what the score was or how disappointed they were with the calls, they never stopped, they stayed at 110% the whole game.

One player that stood out was Bedford's Emily O'Keefe, she is a good player, but if you have ever seen Josie Varney play, they both have very similar attitudes and aren't afraid to challenge the pink people. As the time was winding down, there was a point where she got very vocal, she did not say anything wrong, but she was loud enough, to where Coach Connors had to tell her to calm down, so she would not get carded. If you were at the game, you could understand why she got like that.

It was one of those games, where it was just sad to see it end. You wanted to see that comeback, especially after Bedford had completely turned the game around in the second half. Bedford could smell that comeback, but those two calls just took it away from them. To be honest, we felt so sorry for those Bedford players, they have some quality players, O'Keefe, Rooney, and Chamberlaine Bell, really stand out, and to see them give everything the whole game, and get nothing because of those two calls, is just heartbreaking.

Ogden scores the lone goal, as Plymouth wins their Senior Game, 1-0, over Kingswood.

MacKinnon and Fitzpatrick split goals, as Timberlane beats Central, 2-0.

Larochelle scores two, carrying Goffstown past St. Thomas, 2-1.

Murphy makes eight saves, but it is not enough against Keene, 2-0.

Cranney breaks the 20 goal mark, as Souhegan blanks ConVal, 5-0.

Frittenburg makes 18 saves for Kennett, as they tie Hanover, 1-1.

Hunnewell & Thibodeau both score, as Lebanon gets past Merrimack Valley, 2-0.

Costanzo hat tricks, helping Sanborn past Milford, 4-2.

  • Berlin beats Laconia, 4-0.