Day 25 Recap: Diana Schwarz scores with 11 minutes to play, pulling Hanover by Hartford, VT, 1-0.

With a 30 degrees temperature drop from the day before, it was a beautiful evening in Hanover.

The first half was rather slow as neither team was able to score. Each team had five corners but weren't able to capitalize. Hanover had the best chance when a shot was taken, near post, but a Hartford defender was able to make a defensive save to keep the game scoreless and enter halftime 0-0.

The second almost mimicked the first, as the match was probably one of the most boring halves we have seen of field hockey, not because the teams were bad, but because the defenses did not allow anything to happen. Both teams combined for three shots on goal, and two corners for the entirety of the second half.

Finally, with 11 minutes left in the game, Hanover earned a corner. Macy Curtis inserted to Lois Schwarz; she passed it back to Curtis, who then crossed it to a wide-open Diana Schwarz, who was waiting at the stoke line, she gathered herself and ripped a shot past the goalie, scoring the game-winner.

Credit to both teams' defenses for keeping the game very tight. The Curtis sisters were good, but if there was one player who made you sit up, every once in awhile, it was Diana Schwarz. The junior is one of, if not the fastest forward in the state. She does not have the individual stick skill, which Josie Varney or Lindsey Stagg have, but she is just as fun to watch because of her pace. She is so good at finding that space in between defenders, and bursting through it, to burn them. If she is behind defenders, even by ten yards, she will beat them to a through ball because she is so fast. Her acceleration to get to her full sprint is ridiculous, one step she is at full sprint, and that is not an exaggeration. Diana Schwarz is one of those players that'll make you go see Hanover's games just to watch her because she is going to make you sit up.

Hunnewell scores in OT, as Lebanon escapes St. Thomas, 2-1.